Show me someone not full of herself and Ill show you a hungry person

 Nikki Giovanni

girls inspired to achieve




The Mission
To expose girls of color ages 9 through 18, to diverse aspects of education, culture and social activities in order to make well-rounded individuals in this day and time.

 To inspire girls to reach beyond, to step outside of the box, and to realize their dreams.

 The Purpose

  • Encourage: Through the teach one/reach one concept, the girls will encourage each
    other through the sharing of goals and experiences

  • Exposure: The girls will be exposed to dynamic people, places and careers that will help them shape their paths for the future

  • Enhance: The girls will enhance their experiences through journaling and group presentations

  • Enlighten: Through sessions, discussions, and mentoring opportunities, the girls will be enlightened on the necessary tools and training they need to achieve success  

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